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The new Side Loader Cage proposed by KING CAGE is made of 3-2.5 titanium tubes and is unique in that the cage can be centered or offset to the left or right for easy access to the bottle. The mount design is adopted. This Side Loader Cage had been in development for some time, but only this year the tools and jigs have been completed and can be produced and sold.

Side Loader CageIs easier to use than other King Cage products if you don't have enough space to put the bottle in and out directly. Insert the bottle diagonally from the bottom of the Side Load cage and secure it in a slightly meandering manner, similar to a typical side access cage. To remove the bottle, basically you can easily remove it by pulling the bottle a little sideways. Also, like the standard titanium cage model, it holds the bottle securely in any situation. Many cyclists who are considering this type of side cage are recommended because they do not have much room for the frame space typical of full suspension bikes. It's also a great idea to be able to install the same cage separately for left-handed and right-handed people.

The weight is slightly increased due to the larger mount plate compared to the standard titanium cage, but it is still lightweight at 35 g, and its durability is the same as the standard titanium model so far. The cage is unrivaled.



Material: 3-2.5 Titanium tubing
Weight: 35g
Made in the USA

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