KALLOY UNO Straight Seatpost


color: Silver
size: 26.8 x 350mm
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As you know, Taiwanese cockpit maker Kaloy is famous for working on many OEMs, but Circles has always purchased this straight post since its opening.

This is because the seatposts used in Brooks utility vehicle saddles and mamachari saddles, as shown in the photo above, must be straight style posts. Unlike a typical seatpost for sports bikes, the yagura is not integrated. In addition, most of the seatposts used for mamachari are 25.4mm, so the 27.2mm straight post used by many sports bikes was actually really hard to get in Japan.

With this seatpost you can even attach a more comfortable Brooks spring saddle or comfort saddle for your bike to your favorite commuter bike.

* Previously there was no logo, but now the logo is silk screened but it is so weak that it can be removed immediately by rubbing strongly.



Material: 6061 aluminum
Size: 25.4mm, 26.8mm, 27.2mm
Length: 350mm
Color: Silver


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