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A puncture repair agent for tubeless tires for road bikesUnlike ordinary sealants, Fast Respawn, which contains a natural rubber emulsion, becomes a mousse when injected and spreads to every corner of the tire, closing the holes that caused punctures.

In the case of a general liquid sealant, it was necessary to shake the wheel many times to reach the sidewall, but in the case of a mousse-like fast respawn, it is not necessary, and the gas in the cylinder is also the tire at the same time as the sealant. Since it is injected inside, it is also important that the number of pumping times with the pump after filling is small.

And unless it's a big cut (1mm or more), it's very likely that it can be repaired with a fast respawn.

Also, the French valve adapter that comes with the Fast Respawn is compatible with American-style caps, so even if you have trouble with the air coming out after repairing with the Fast Respawn, you can carry this adapter with you. It can be filled with air at the gas station, and it comes with a bonus when it is more likely to be saved.


Capacity: 50ml
Material: Natural rubber emulsion


[Precautions for use]

It may not be possible to use it for tears with a hole of 1 mm or more because it exceeds the range where the solvent can be buried. When using tubeless, if the solvent is left in the tire for a long period of time, rim corrosion may start, so be sure to perform this repair immediately after use.

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