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The beginning of HUMMINGBIRD is the origin of the simple idea of wanting to relax in a hammock when the founder, Cristroit, was in a room full of the highest quality parachute material, to create an ultra-lightweight hammock with a focus on weight and quality. have become.  

The lightest hammock in the world, it fits in the back pocket of your pants when stored, smaller than a coffee cup. By using parachute technology in the hammock, it is guaranteed that it is easy to carry, lightweight, yet safe and durable. Recommended for hiking, fast packing and bike packing.

Size (when used): Approximately 264x127cm  
Size (when stored): 10 x 10 x 5 cm  
Weight: 147g  
Load capacity: 140 kg  
Material: Calendar drip stop nylon,
   450kg Spectra Parachute Cord

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