HOUDINI W's Power Houdi

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One of HOUDINI's most iconic items, Power Houdi

Swedish-born outdoor wear brand Houdini Houdini's clothing is ready for climbing, skiing, trail running, and biking, and combines functionality and simple design to blend into any situation. The brand's pursuit of comfort in their products is very close to CIRCLE's approach, even if the products are different.

The clear blue sky makes me happy and makes me want to go outdoors in the fall and winter. The Power Houdi, a representative of the HOUDINI brand, offers addictive comfort in the autumn camping scene as you gaze at the moon shining brightly under the cold sky.

The fleece is made of highly stretchable Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro material and is lightweight and warm to the touch. Its soft feel makes you feel as if you are wrapped in your favorite blanket. The Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro fabric follows your body's every movement, so you can wear it during activities, sleeping, or long flights without feeling stressed.

It's as warm as a lightweight down layer, so you'll be amazed at how comfortable it is when you want to relax in a tent or in a mountain cabin. The subtle color variation, so subtle you would not believe it is fleece, is another charm of the Power Houdi.


Material: Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro 57% Polyester, 33% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
Weight: 424g


Chest 70-76 76-82 82-88 88-94 94-100 100-108
Waist 56-62 62-68 68-74 74-80 80-86 86-92
Seat 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-104 104-110
Sleeve & Shoulder 73 75 77 81 81 83
Inner Leg 78 79 80 81 Inner Leg 83

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