HOUDINI M's Cover Crew

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Wish Woven ™ ️ made from recycled polyester

Long-sleeved cut-and-sewCover crewIsWish Woven ™Called100% polyesterMaterial is used. Even though it is 100% polyester,70% recycled polyesterIt is an environmentally friendly material that usesWish Woven ™That's just amazing.


Excellent functionality and comfort

Simply putGreat flexibilityWhenBreathabledurability, AndQuick-dryingAlthough it is a material equipped with, the texture has never been touched before. It's soft, moist and smooth, and it's hard to describe, but it feels very good to the touch. This comfort makes you want to wear it not only for hiking, but also for a lot of sweating activities such as running and riding, but also when you are relaxing at home.


Quick-drying that works well during strenuous exercise

Also, even if you sweat a lot, it dries quickly, and even if you are sweating, it dries when you notice it. In addition, the fabric is thin despite its moderate tension, and it does not use chemicals.UV protection index of UPF50 +Because it is equipped with, you can wear it smoothly in the summer even with long sleeves.

When I first touched it, I thought it would be better to wear a base layer underneath, but I didn't have to worry about that.


Great success even on rides that cross the pass

It was Keita from Ariba who cut her ancestors and started wearing them, and soon after the purchase, we went out for a ride together. It was a warm day, so I got sweaty on the pass, but while I was resting in the park, there were no traces of sweat, and I was surprised at how quickly it dries. In addition, I was able to firmly confirm that the fabric is smooth and comfortable to the touch and maintains comfort even after it dries.


Simple, easy to move and beautiful silhouette

In addition, the lean and very simple pattern has a beautiful silhouette with a little space when worn and is excellent in ease of movement, so it is familiar not only at home but also when this situation converges. You can also wear it when you go to the store for a meal or shopping. And it is the one that I would like you to use when you play around with all your might, such as riding, hiking, running and camping.


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Weight: 138g

Material: Wish Woven ™ 70% Recycled Polyester, 30% Polyester

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