HOUDINI M's Activist Turtleneck

HOUDINISKU: 230054127-XS

Color: Soft gray
Size Size: XS
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A comfortable turtleneck made from a blend of recycled and natural fibers. The fabric Activist Tree Merino ™ is made from 60% extra fine 19.3 µm merino wool and 40% Tencel. Tencel is a soft and soft fiber that gives wool an excellent texture and is highly breathable. Merino wool provides a comfortable warmth, has antibacterial growth and natural antibacterial and deodorant effects. It is suitable for winter sports such as skiing and ice skating, but it is also ideal for everyday wear as it is designed for great versatility and comfort. It can be used as a base layer for activities or as a long sleeve for everyday wear, all year round, regardless of the season.


Weight: 242g
Material: Activist Tree Merino ™ / Merino Wool 60%, Lyocell 40%


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