HIRAME Pump Head


Style: Vertical Cam
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A pure Japanese pump head that has been loved by many professional mechanics and cyclists for over 30 years. The valve can be easily attached and detached by opening and closing the cam lever, and it has a built-in air check valve that enables smooth filling of air even at high pressure.

The horizontal cam can be operated comfortably even when the space above the valve such as a disc wheel or small diameter wheel is limited.

By replacing the valve adapter (sold separately), it is compatible with US, UK, and bicycle race valves. The British Jubilee hose band (sold separately) is recommended for secure attachment to the hose band.

* A Buddhist valve adapter is included as standard.

* Depending on the lot, the hose tube is plated, but there is no difference in functionality, material, etc. from the conventional product.

Made in Japan


Style: vertical cam, horizontal cam
Corresponding valve: Buddhist style, American style, English style, bicycle race type
Recommended hose inner diameter: 6mm-8mm
made in Japan

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