HED Belgium Plus 650B Disc Brake Clincher Rim

COLOR: Black

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The HED Belgium C2 Plus is a versatile rim built from a deep cycling history.

With a slightly wider width of 25 mm, it goes well with voluminous tires, the welding accuracy of the seams is high, the core is very solid despite being non-eyelet, and it is possible to make a wheel with a good balance of weight and rigidity. I will.

In addition, this rim, which has been renewed to BELGIUM + / Belgium Plus, is also compatible with tubeless, and a 650B size disc brake specification has been added.

 HED is one of the strongest road rims you can own, shot peening all rims and welding seams.

It is very compatible with the ROAD PLUS standard such as WTB / Horizon, and is a recommended rim for touring bikes and gravel bikes.

Belgium Plus Disc clincher 650B
Tire Type: Clincher (tubeless compatible)
Rim Width (External): 25mm
Rim Depth: 24mm
Hole Counts: 28, 32
Color: Black
Brake Track: N / A
Wheel Size: 650b
Weight: 390 grams
Max Pressure: 90psi
ERD: 555mm

Tech Notes:
25mm Plus clincher rim MIN / MAX tire width: 23 --58mm

* Note: The rim is as wide as 25mm, so when you install the clincher tire, it may be 1-2mm wider than the normal size. Please check the tire clearance for the frame.

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