HANNAH GRANT The Grand Tour Cookbook


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Published in Danish in 2013 by the world-famous cook Hannah Grant, who is currently active as the head chef of the professional road racing team "Tinkov Saxo" (Denmark) participating in the Tour de France. The latest update to The Grand Tour Cookbook.

This cooking book, which contains the recipes for 23 days (21 stages and 2 days of rest) provided to athletes at this year's Tour de France, is actually for athletes such as cyclists, runners and triathletes. We also introduce a number of dishes made based on the intake of necessary nutritional components, and recipes that consider gluten-free and allergy-free.

Diet is one of the important factors for athletes who run tools. Why don't you take an interest in food with this The Grand Tour Cookbook to see what kind of food the athletes are actually eating and running like that?

Even the English version doesn't have to be scary. A collection of recipes composed of a small amount of text based on photographs so that anyone can easily understand and cook easily. In addition, the plates made with colorful ingredients are filled with innovative ideas unique to experts who know everything about cooking, and they offer hospitality at special parties, as well as wine and beer that heal your daily fatigue. It's a perfect match.

・ Author: Hannah Grant
・ Hardcover: 350 pages
・ Size: 21.5 x 27.7 x 3.3 cm

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