HANDSKE Squiggles Cycling Gloves

Color: Black
size: XS

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HANDSKE, a glove maker newly born in the United States.

As a simple and easy-to-use glove, we have created a glove with excellent fit, durability and grip.

The temperature is 13-30 degrees Celsius, and it can be used for a wide range of purposes from daily commuting to cyclocross racing, gravel riding, and trail riding.

  • Recommended for CX, Road, Gravel, MTB.
  • A strong silicone that works even in the rain or storm is placed in the palm.
  • Touch screen function – You can use your smartphone with gloves on.
  • A protective function that protects your fingers in the unlikely event of a vehicle drop.
  • The thumb part covered with a terry close (fine cloth) that can wipe the face.
  • Comfortable slim fit. A fit designed with the image of surgical gloves.
  • Excellent fitting that accurately conveys the feeling of the handlebar.
  • Neoprene material. It provides a comfortable fit and does not damage the jersey or arm warmers like Velcro does.


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