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The GRANITE DESIGN Hex Stand is a highly portable maintenance stand that plugs into a hollow crank, such as Shimano's Hollow Tech crank.

Since it can be folded with one touch, you can use this hex stand for maintenance, gear shifting adjustment, car washing, etc. when you go out to races or trail parks.

In addition, the height has an adjustment range of 65 mm, and it supports up to BB height of 400 mm. For many mountain bike cranks and Shimano road cranks, you can use it by replacing the left crank cap bolt with the included adapter bolt.


 weight 720g
Maximum load 20kg
Dimensions when stored
Height 415mm x Width 110mm x Depth 85mm
Dimensions when used Height 415mm x Width 480mm x Depth 380mm
Color Black, Silver, Orange, Blue, Red
accessories Carry bag, Shimano crank adapter bolt



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