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Adam Clement of PortlandMark DinucciRetroshift, which embodies the idea with the help of, is an item that attracted attention as an old and new item. In a nutshell, the analog version of the STI-type brake lever, which has the W lever or barcon moved over the brake lever, fits nicely.

All of Portland's local riders have the advantage of being able to shift 4-5 gears at a time, the structure is simple and light, and the structure is hard to break.

Such a retro shift changed the company name to Givenalle, and began to focus on developing components that match the more diversified dirt roads, and it has grown into an indispensable manufacturer now.


Since Shimano released MTB components in 6-speed 30 years ago, the number of stages has steadily increased, and it has finally reached 11 stages.

Up to 8 steps, there was almost complete compatibility between road and MTB, but 9 steps became a little suspicious, and when I called myself Dyna-sys at 10 steps, it was completely cut off, and the load component and shift wire The amount of pull has changed completely, making it impossible to move the 10-speed MTB shadow rear derailleur with the road STI lever.

This is a big problem for some enthusiasts, who can't use a drop handlebar with a shadow rear derailleur that has a stabilizer to keep the chain from going wild and a wide gear ratio cassette up to 36T.

In addition, the rapidly popular wide narrow chainring is effective in preventing the chain from falling when used in combination with a rear derailleur that has a stabilizer function, and its power cannot be fully demonstrated when used in combination with a normal rear derailleur.

Therefore, there was a barrier to the realization of drop handlebars for MTBs and fat bikes, and the combined use of 10-stage shadow rear derailleurs and wide gear ratio cassettes for cyclocross, monstercross, and gravel grinders.

The GX G is a Gravel G and is sold as a set of a brake lever and a Dyna-sys compatible right shifter.

  • Brake: Short reach (for caliper brake / cantilever brake)
  • Corresponding derailleur: Rear derailleur for Shimano Dynasis MTB

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