GEVENALLE CX1 Front Single

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Adam Clement of PortlandMark DinucciRetroshift, which embodies the idea with the help of, is an item that attracted attention as an old and new item. In a nutshell, the analog version of the STI-type brake lever, which has the W lever or barcon moved over the brake lever, fits nicely.

All of Portland's local riders have the advantage of being able to shift 4-5 gears at a time, the structure is simple and light, and the structure is hard to break.

Such a retro shift changed the company name to Givenalle, and began to focus on developing components that match the more diversified dirt roads, and it has grown into an indispensable manufacturer now.


Due to its simple structure, it can be used in cyclocross racing scenes and is also recommended for gravel riding. There is only one problem that you can not operate when you hold the lower handlebar, but in the case of dirt driving, there are few such situations, so it does not matter.

For those who originally used a double lever and were wondering whether to make it an STI lever, it is possible to make an analog version of STI without wasting existing parts.

The SL-7900 is attached as it is, but the old Shimano W lever has an R so that the washer follows the down tube, and it can not be attached to the retro shifter as it is, so it is called STANDARD (Shimano part number Y-643 43000). You need to replace it with a washer. Also, in the case of barcon, there is a case where one side has a washer of the type called FAT, and in this case also it is necessary to replace it with STANDARD.

* CX1 supports mounting only the rear shifter, and the specifications assume a front single.

  • Short pull (for caliper brake / cantilever brake)
  • Long pull (V brake / mechanical disc brake compatible)


* A shifter is required separately.

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