FIZIK Alpaca X5 Gravita S-Alloy


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The GRAVITA ALPACA X5 saddle is an MTB saddle that provides the control you need for fast and aggressive downhill riding.

This saddle is a teamSanta Cruz SyndicateIt was created as a result of close collaboration between top riders and mechanics. Proven at the World Cup, this saddle's performance is suitable for riders who are a little more gravitational, from long-distance enduro to pure downhill.

It also has a smooth edge shape suitable for use with dropper posts for improved support and riding controllability.

* I.C.S is not supported for Mobius rail type saddles.


Size: 251mm x 130mm
Saddle rail: 7mm x 7mm
Rail material: Aluminum (S alloy)
Shell material: nylon, carbon
Model: 130 mm
Size: 251 mm x 130 mm
Weight: 216g

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