FAIRWEATHER Packable Rain Poncho

COLOR: Algae Green
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It is a packable rain poncho of Tokyo's famous store, Blue Lug's original brand "FAIRWEATHER".

Invista's CORDURA®︎ ripstop nylon fabric is lightweight, waterproof and durable, and has a seam seal throughout to prevent water from seeping through the seams.

By narrowing down the drawcord at the hem according to the type and size of the bicycle, it is possible to suppress the fluttering of the fabric that interferes with running.

The cuffs have rubber loops that can be adjusted according to your body shape and riding position, and you can prevent the sleeves from fluttering by passing your fingers through them.

Since the length is set longer, you can wear it with plenty of room even with your backpack on your back, and if you have luggage in the front basket, you can cover it with the basket.

The front opening has a gusset to prevent water from entering, and if the neck area is cramped, you can adjust the fit while maintaining waterproofness by opening and closing the button.

The hood is designed to be slightly shallow so that it does not block the view, and the helmet can be worn comfortably from above the hood. It also has a cycle cap-sized brim to prevent rain and wind around your eyes.

Dot buttons are provided on both sides to prevent the fabric from fluttering in the wind even when you are not riding a bicycle.

It can be stored compactly in the attached pouch, so if you keep it in your bag, you will not have to worry about sudden guerrilla rainstorms.

* Precautions for use and care

Dry the wet poncho thoroughly in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight before storing it in the pouch (do not tumble dry).
For long-term storage, hang it on a hanger and store it in an unfolded state.
If it gets dirty, wipe the dirty surface with a wet towel soaked in a neutral detergent (please stop using the washing machine).


M size: (Corresponding height 140cm-170cm)
L size: (Corresponding height 170cm-200cm)
Material: 100% nylon
Packable size: length 15 cm x width 10 cm x depth 5 cm
Weight: 270g

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