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It is a brand FAIR WEATHER / fair weather wheel bag "bike carry bag" named sunny and sunny. 

A wheel bag that uses a lightweight ripstop. It has a very simple and easy-to-use design that you just put it on your bicycle and pull the draw cord. The attached binding rubber cord makes it easy to put together wheels, etc., enabling quick storage.

The fluorescent orange color makes it easy to find the cord even at night or in dark places, and also contributes to the difficulty of losing it.

Applicable size is 700c, compatible with a wide range of bikes from 26 inches to 29 inches.
(It may not be possible to store it depending on the size and shape of the frame and handle, and the presence or absence of a rack.)

It weighs 230g, the lightest of all large-format wheeled bags with the largest capacity, and fits in a jersey pocket when folded and stored in a packable state.

The lightweight and compact design is also very effective for bike packing.

Since it is a large and simple bag with excellent water repellency, it can be used as a leisure sheet or as a cover or sheet when loading a motorcycle dirty with mud in a car.

It is the best traveling bag to accompany a traveling trip that you want to go lightly.

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