FABRIC Scoop Radius Race Titanium Rail


Color: Brack
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FABRIC / Fabric Is a state-of-the-art cycling that is lightweight, flexible and comfortablesaddleIt is a brand that develops.saddleIn order to reduce the pain in the buttocks, which is the number one issue of ergonomics, we have repeated ergonomic research and commercialized it. The lean and simple design is designed to fit any bike easily.

The Scoop saddle provides suppleness and a great ergonomic feel to all cyclists. Featuring Scoop's unique flex, vacuum-bonded upper and custom-designed rails, it offers the perfect balance of comfort, functionality and simplicity. Three types of shapes and five specifications are available.

Radius / Shape that firmly fixes the buttocks while taking advantage of flexibility

In addition, the upright riding position emphasizes comfort. You can ride on any road surface, such as city riding and leisure scenes. The rounded shape with the thickness of the pad keeps the balance of the saddle, which tends to directly bear the weight of the rider.

W: 142mm | L: 282mm

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