EXOTAC PolyStriker


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A fire starter that uses recycled ABS resin for the handle.
You can forcefully slide it all the way down.
, You can make a stable fire in a short time. A tungsten striker is built into the handle part, and a strap is attached so that the striker part is not lost.AlsoThe spark is larger than the conventional product, and the advantage is that the alcohol stove can be ignited directly on the bark or the type of fire such as tissue.

■ Contents: Body, ferrocerium rod x 1,
Striker x 1, strap x 1
■ Size Total length: Approximately 10 cm Diameter: Approximately 1.27 cm 
Rod diameter: Approximately 4.8 mm (can be used approximately 1000 times)
■ Weight: Approximately 14g

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