ESI Racer's Edge


Color: Aqua

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The most basic and popular model that represents the ESI grip

The slimmest model of the ESI grip, the reason why it is so popular is its design that is easy to grip even for those with small hands.

The unique elastic silicone foam absorbs unpleasant micro-vibrations while being slender, and effectively cushions the impact.

Also, the great thing about this grip is that it has a wide variety of colors.If you choose a similar color, the bicycle will be organized, and if you remove the color, it will instantly turn into a playful bicycle!



The ESI grip is designed to fit snugly on the handle for safety and importance. For ease of installation, it is recommended to lightly coat the inner diameter of the grip with isopropyl alcohol before installation. Rest assured that alcohol will volatilize as soon as you attach the grip.


Weight: 50g (pair)
Length: 130mm
Outer diameter: 28 mm (attached)

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