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The world's first specialized manufacturer of silicone grips and bar tapes, founded in Southern California in 1999. ESIThe MTB grip was launched in 2003 and quickly became a standard grip in the MTB racing world.

Chunky Grips is the most basic model in the lineup.

It has excellent vibration absorption and can be used widely from trails to town rides. It's easy to grip, and it doesn't get tired even when riding for a long time, and the difference is clear when compared to rubber grips.

ESI Grips original microcellular silicone adapts to the shape of the hand as it is used, and reduces the burden by dissipating the impact.

The shape is also very simple, and it is an item that can be used regardless of the vehicle type. A hidden popular item with a high installation rate even in mountain bike racing scenes.

Use alcohol for installation and avoid using the usual parts cleaners! (It will melt!)

Use with the thick part facing the palm and the thin part facing your fingertips.

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