ESI RCT Wrap Bar Tape


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The know-how crystal cultivated with MTB grip is now here! !!

A gem of bar tape made using the know-how cultivated with MTB grips.

The unique silicone foam absorbs unpleasant micro-vibrations and cushions the impact.
It has excellent elasticity, and you can freely create a lightweight and tight finish by simply changing the winding method, or a comfortable finish with rich vibration absorption.

It has excellent durability and can be rewound multiple times.
It's perfect for wrapping bar tape at home.

Also, the great thing about this bar tape is that it has a wide variety of colors.
If you choose a similar color, the bicycle will be organized, and if you remove the color, it will instantly turn into a playful bicycle!



Material: Silicone foam rubber
Width: 28mm
Length: 1,840 mm
Thickness: 3.5mm
Weight: 160g (bar tape only, left and right)

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