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A stove that can be folded and easily stored in your pocket. Comes with 20 4g solid fuels. Ideal for camping, mountaineering and survival equipment in the event of a disaster.

● Size: 98 x 77 x 23 mm when stored
● Weight: 170g / 85g (excluding solid fuel)
● With solid fuel standard (4g x 20 tablets)
● Made in Germany

Pocket stove design
In developing a stove suitable for solid fuels, Esbit aimed for maximum combustion potency and maximum thermal potency. A slit in the bottom of the stove allows the air to circulate upwards, resulting in a powerful hot flame, which is further enhanced by the protruding walls on both sides. The walls on both sides of the flame completely wrap the bottom of the kettle and cooking pot, and there is no waste. Surrounding the stove with dirt or stone in a circle will prevent the flame from being exposed to the wind. The pocket stove is foldable and weighs only 85g, making it a literally compact stove. It is convenient to carry and can be carried in your pocket. The pocket stove can store solid fuel.

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