ERGON GE1 Evo Slim Black


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A new GE1 grip designed by ERGON based on ergonomics for the wide riser bar, which has dominated the market in recent years.

By collecting a great deal of feedback from riders running in the World Series enduro races, the Ergon design team has found some improvements in the ever-popular GE1. It has thoroughly improved the texture of the surface and made the compound softer than before, to support the correct posture of the upper body / forearm on the downhill and to convey the sensation to the palm more directly. In addition, by rotating the grip surface 8% toward the axle of the handlebar, the elbow is automatically raised to the outside when gripping, and it has been redesigned.

The grip end, which is firmly joined to the inner clamp and inner core, is a fully cushioned grip end so that the hand can firmly grasp the outer part.

* Compatible with carbon handlebars.



Clamp side: Inner part
Body material: Rubber
Lock ring material: Aluminum

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