ENVE G23 700c Rim

ENVESKU: 100-3012-001

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700c carbon rim ideal for gravel and trails

G23 with an inner width of 23 mm, 330g and ENVE's lightest 700c tubeless carbon rim. Its lightness responds instantly to the rider's movements, accelerating and bringing out the rider's performance. It also provides excellent stability on the descent, allowing the rider to trace the line he envisions without hesitation. 

It variesA cyclist who pursues an unknown road and a new world with his own power
It is carefully designed to meet the demands of.

AlsoIt uses Envi's unique "wide hookless bead" puncture prevention technology, which helps prevent rim blowouts by increasing the surface area where the tires and rims come into contact with each other. With this technology, everyone can enjoy the ride with the air pressure they want.

While mountain bikes require high volume and low air pressure for rigidity and puncture resistance, long distance riding on gravel requires light weight and efficiency comparable to road bikes. In order to make long-distance driving the most enjoyable regardless of road conditions and to enable road trips for several days, the performance is higher and many people can trust themselves with confidence. You need a high quality rim.

The G23 has the performance to make it all a reality.


Rim height 25mm
Rim outer width 31.5mm
Number of holes 23mm
Effective rim diameter 24h
Allowable tire size 608mm
weight  330g

 * The rim is sold separately.

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