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Size: L


At 6:00 PM, we shall look up at the sky.

With the theme of "6:00 PM," this back-paneled aloha shirt features a single drawing of a man on a balcony, with the back of the shirt painted in a yellowish hue. The artwork is by illustrator Mariko Ota.

The gradated navy body of the shirt is decorated with pale-toned illustrations. The lightness or darkness of the pants creates a resort or city look.

It is 6 o'clock in the evening. Do you invite someone over for a drink or go out on your own? Or do you want to laze around at home? Or, do you want to finish up the remaining work?

No matter what time of day it is,youshould at least have the presence of mind to look up at the sky.

About the printing method
This product is processed using inkjet printing to maximize the expression of delicate gradations.


Material: 100% rayon


SIZE Length Body width Shoulder width Sleeve length
S 67cm 64cm 52cm 26.5cm
M 70cm 66cm 54cm 27cm
L 73cm L 73cm L 73cm 68cm 27.5cm
XL 77cm 70cm 58cm 28cm

The color of the product in the photos has been processed to be as close to the actual color as possible, but the color may differ from the actual product due to your monitor settings, the lighting in your room, etc.
Because each piece of fabric is dyed by hand, the color may not be as perfect as machine dyeing, and there may be slight unevenness in the color. We hope you will find this to be part of the flavor of the shirt.
Please be careful to handle this aloha shirt with care as it is a specially processed product. For detailed care instructions and precautions Click here

What is Eanbe
What is Eanbe?

" is an Okinawan dialect word used when you are in a good mood. When you drink alcohol, go on a trip, go out for fun, or have a date with that girl you like. When you wear an Aloha shirt, you feel a little better than usual.

Eanbe is a brand that will be there for you.

We hope that your everyday life will be filled with "Eanbe".


The theme of Eanbe Aloha is "Tropical City Pop"
We aim to make Aloha shirts that can be worn not only in the tropics like conventional Aloha shirts, but also "feel tropical in mind and body" while blending in with the urban landscape and lifestyle.

The themes and designs of Aloha, such as "music," "alcohol," and "laughter," will accompany you today like background music.


Eanbe's aloha shirts are made of the most suitable fabrics for each design. The main material is rayon, which is often used for aloha shirts in general. Rayon, which means "shiny thread," is characterized by its strong luster and soft touch.

And Tencel (Lyocell) has a soft texture and beautiful luster, and excels in moisture absorption and quick-drying properties. TENCEL is known as a sustainable material, and is said to be "the world's most environmentally friendly fiber made by the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process. We carefully select and use even better fabrics from these two materials.

The prints on the shirts are dyed using a technique called "hand-printing" at dyeing factories in Japan in order to beautifully express complex patterns. Hand-printing is a method in which artisans carefully dye fabric one color at a time by hand, which allows for a high degree of pattern reproduction and delicate coloring.

The fabric is then dyed, The finished product is then hand-sewn one by one by craftsmen in Okinawa, We will deliver them to you.


We believe that the most enjoyable and fun part of wearing an item of clothing like an aloha shirt, which expresses your individuality through its pattern, is that you will not be the only one to wear it.

For me, who wears aloha shirts 360 days out of 365 days a year,
I believe that the "goodness of not wearing the same shirt" created by small-lot production is a non-negotiable commitment, and at the same time, it leads to sustainable brand management by not overproducing and not having too much clothing left over.

We believe that this is a brand that is "good for all three parties" for the creator, the buyer, and society,
We hope that everyone will love our brand for a long time.

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