DT SWISS RWS (Quick Releases) Steel Shaft


SIZE: 100mm
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A steel quick release featuring an innovative RWS (Ratchet Wheel Mount System).

Handling RWS is very easy. Tighten the system by turning the lever clockwise as tightly as possible by hand. (Minimum 15 Nm) Depending on the structure of the frame and fork, it can be installed by turning the lever a few times. Once the wheel is firmly and safely installed, you can pull up the lever to set it in a safe position.

RWS quick releases allow up to 50% higher clamping force than traditional quick releases, resulting in a safer fit between the wheel and frame or fork, as well as stronger and more rigid.


Axle diameter: 5 mm
Front: 9 x 100mm, Rear: 10 x 130, 135mm
Type: Quick release, cam system
Axle material: Steel
Lever material: Polyamide

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