DR.HESSEL'S Insect Poison Remover

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An insect poison remover that is small, light, and easy to carry.

When you are bitten by a snake or bee, you can immediately put the mouthpiece of this poison remover on the wound and pull it up to suck the venom out of your body.When I go mountain climbing, I always bring it with me in case something goes wrong. I rarely use it, but in most cases it is not possible to treat it immediately, so it is recommended that you carry it with an emergency kit just in case.

The mouthpiece surfaces on both sides of the cup can be replaced according to the wound.

Size: Body maximum diameter 27mm, length 93mm, lever width 62mm
Body material: Plastic (polyethylene)
Weight: 12g


* Please use as a first aid until you receive medical treatment.

Press the poison remover against the stabbed area and pull up the lever to suck out the poison. Repeat this operation if necessary.

If the stabbed area is small or if you have a finger or other part, rotate the mouthpiece to attach it.

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