DIA COMPE Ene Wing Shifter

size: 22.2mm / 24mm
Color: Silver (Pair)

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DIA COMPE / DIA COMPE original brand "ENE CICLO"
It is a brand mainly for touring cars that was launched in 2010.
The concept is "I want cyclists who love bicycles to regain the excitement they have forgotten.It is a brand that was launched with that in mind.

Ene Wing ShifterIsPower ratchet Non-Index type with a small cam inside the lever that activates the ratchet function. This cam engages with the ratchet side one step at a time, and when you pull the lever, there is little resistance and you can pull it lightly. Since there is resistance in the return direction, the lever can be stopped and the transmission is positioned.

● Drop handlebar specifications
● Power ratchet Non Index type
● Compatible with Shimano 11-stage shadow RD / RD + and Campa 11-stage
● Clamp size: φ22.2-24mm
● Weight: Approximately 164g (pair)

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