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One of the braking machines that will not seem to disappear is the cantilever brakE In response to many love calls, the DC980 has been revived. It is somewhat reminiscent of Kampa's CX cantilever brake, but this cantilever brake has a longer history and is popular for its simple and sharp design.

In addition to the design, the DC980's ease of adjustment and braking performance have greatly improved since its birth in the 1980s, and toe-in can be easily added. The long arms allow for wide clearance, even with mudguards and wide tires.

The DC980 is an excellent cantilever brake for old MTB, cyclocross, and randonneurs.


Material : Alloy (cold forged arm)
Accessories : Tidbits, arch wire, outer cap
Weight : 170g (one side)
Set contents : One side
Compatible brake lever : For cantilever and caliper
For both front and rear, adjustable angle, with tension adjuster

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