DEEPER'S WEAR High Kick Jacket


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"Let's go nobinobi."

A group of DEEPER'S WEAR items created in pursuit of the "functions" required of clothing in everyday life. They have functionality such as elasticity and water repellency, and they are everyday clothes that adapt to each person's environment without being bound by the framework of weather, geography, or age.


High kick jacketJeans made using exactly the same fabric as high kick jeans, which is a masterpiece of DEEPER'S WEAR. If denim has Levi's 501 as a motif, this is also a classic 3rd model as a motif. However, because it is made with a modern pattern that is completely different from the original, such as length, shoulder width, and width of the body, it is the first place that you can wear naturally.

Of course, the best feature is the fabric. Cotton is the main fabric, but as the name "High Kick" implies, its elasticity far exceeds that of other stretch jeans. Not only when riding a bicycle, but also in daily life, you can spend time without feeling stress during casual movements.

Anyway, its comfort that stretches well allows you to sleep without feeling stress even if you enter the futon while wearing it! ?? It's not an exaggeration to say that. 

It looks and feels like 100% cotton, so if you wear it and wash it repeatedly, you will get a very nice look.

Made in Japan 91% cotton 7% polyester 2% polyurethane


  • One Wash
  • Black Wash


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