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CX TAPE is a double-sided tape used with high quality tubular rim cement developed for the best adhesion between cyclocross and road racer tubular tires and rims. CX TAPE can be used on carbon or aluminum rims to fill the rim-to-tire gaps that occur on many wheels with this tape and rim cement and react with the rim cement for maximum adhesion.

* To install CX TAPEProfessional bike mechanic or enthusiast with a lot of experience and a solid understanding of the meaning of responsibilityPlease be sure to enforce by.


[How to paste CX TAPE]

Start by making the rim and tire base (rim bed) using the standard method.
Apply at least 2-3 layers of rim cement evenly to the rim. Make sure that each layer is dry before moving on to the next layer.

Do the same for the loincloth of the tire (the adhesive part inside the tire). Make sure that the last layer of rim cement is dry before applying CX TAPE from the end of the valve hole. When you reach the valve hole on the opposite side, cut the CX TAPE with scissors. Then use your finger to press the tape on the rim bed again and make one lap.

Remove the yellow protective sheet from the CX TAPE and wait 5-10 minutes. Then reapply rim cement over CX TAPE and wait 2-4 minutes to quickly mount the tire. Then adjust the tire alignment and allow it to dry.

* CX TAPE recommends use with Vittoria, Panaracer and Continental rim cements.


[How to remove CX TAPE]

Wheels with CX TAPE will of course be difficult to remove. In other words, the more difficult it is to remove a cyclocross tubular tire, the better. If that is easy, removing the tubular tires from the wheels will often result in injuries, at least in terms of time and money spent on the race.

And the first important thing when removing a tire is "patience". The first thing to note is that you should never use tools with sharp edges. Tire levers are the best tool for removing tires. Ideal especially when used with carbon rims. Use the tire lever to find the bottom of the CX TAPE hierarchy, push it in slowly and gently, and peel it off little by little. The point is patience.

If you want to make sure that all CX TAPEs are peeled off, you can remove them with a heat gun with a low temperature setting. You can easily remove the CX tape with a butter knife if you put it on the rim about 10-15 cm away for 5 to 10 seconds.

* If the user thinks that adhesive strength is necessary, leave the tubular residue as much as possible. If it's too old dregs, it can't be helped, but if you need adhesiveness anyway, leave as much old tape and adhesive as possible! This is the point.

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