CULTURE CLUB Marionette In The Mirror Bottle

Color: Black
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Marionette In The Mirror Bottle

Cut off the rusty chain, turn the pedals as you like,
I was driven by the urge to run for myself, cutting the wind.

A pure white line that stretches in all directions and is not dyed in Nanimono
Please pedal with your own power.

I have to decide the way I will run.
OH on Theory Street! NO, NO! I can't stand it.


Color:Black, Maroon
capacity:22oz (624ml)
Base; SPECIALIZED "Purist" BPA Free Bottle


The base of Culture Club's first original bottle "Marionette in the Mirror Bottle" is made by the most trusted Specialized"Purist"
The feature is that there is little odor peculiar to plastic containers and it is difficult for the odor to transfer to the contents. In addition, the new easy-to-use mouthpiece is very popular with riders.

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