Width: 480mm
Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
Color: Black
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CRUST's arbar is a flared dirt drop handlebar designed for off-road riding. An important factor that makes arbar special is that the flat part is a super long drop. Based on the design of CRUST's popular Shaka Bar, the ar bar has been added to the tip of each part by about 1 inch (2.54 cm), making it easier and more comfortable to use in non-drop positions. became. And the long drop is a very ideal design for riders who spend a lot of time in the drop position. You no longer need to have your little finger hanging behind the bar end. You don't have to stretch your hands long and put them in places that aren't always comfortable. Like the older models Shaka and Towel Rack, the abar has upper and lower sweeps to make it more comfortable in flat positions.


Made in Taiwan using heat treated aluminum
Color: Black, Polish
Clamp diameter: 26.0, 31.8
Brake lever clamp width: 480mm, 500mm, 520mm
Bar end width: 480 = 620mm, 500 = 640mm, 520 = 660mm
Upsweep: 8 °
Back sweep: 9 °
Flare: 27 °
Reach: 90mm
Drop: 135mm
Tube outer diameter: 23.5mm
Tube inner diameter (end): 20 mm
Weight: 480mm= 421g, 500mm= 428g, 520mm= 433g

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