SURLY Moloko Bar


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The handlebar expresses the "diversity" that SURLY is good at.
It is a handle designed to take various riding positions according to the road surface, weather conditions, and fatigue.

Of course, it is also possible to install various optional parts such as bags, lights, GPS and cycle computers.

The handle width is 735 mm. Assuming bike packing, it is designed in a size calculated so that you can easily grip the grip even if you put a tent or mat on the top.

Demonstrates high control performance on all roads, from gravel to off-road. However, it is also safe for those who mainly ride in the city and do not need that width. There is also a cut mark on the 685mm width so that you can easily cut it yourself.

 Material: CroMoly steel
 Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
 Width: 735mm (Cut marks for 685mm)
 Rise: 27mm
 Sweep Angle: 34 degrees
 Weight: 709g

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