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BORED/ Bored" is a workshop based in Ohara, Setagaya, Tokyo, that produces original oil and tuned bearings, as well as tuning up bearings, and Blue Rag, which has a store along Nakano-dori in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, collaborated to produce this oil for bicycles. It is an oil for bicycles.

It is a wonder oil that can be used for hub bearings, chains, wires, and any other parts where metal rubs against each other. It has an immediate effect that you can feel the penetrating effect as soon as you lubricate it.

It is blended with polyalphaolefin synthetic base oil and naphthenic highly refined base oil in equal proportions, which make up the main components, and creates an oil film that is similar to that of ordinary oil. In addition By blending in ester chemically synthesized base oils, it increases the chemical adsorption to metals and the oil film life.

Extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers added for the purpose of protecting metal surfaces from pressure and load reduce any pressure and friction, and also add metal protection performance. And Unique viscoelastic additives that maintain the oil film even under gravity and centrifugal forces are also included.

Regular lubrication extends the life of metal parts, reduces frictional resistance, and provides smooth lubrication.

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