CONTINENTAL Grandprix 5000


Color: Black
size: 700×23
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CONTINENTALIs a comprehensive tire manufacturer representing Germany, which is genuinely adopted by German luxury sports manufacturers as well as the four major European four-wheel manufacturers.
From the beginning of operation in 1871 to the present, it has continued to produce high-performance bicycle tires in Germany, and its high performance continues to be proven every year in the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia.


More than 10 years after the GP4000 was launched, the GRANDPRIX 5000 has become one of the fastest, lighter, more durable and of the highest quality tires at the moment. ..

Compared to GP4000S2, rolling resistance is improved by 12%, puncture resistance is improved by 20%, and if it is the same size, it is 5g lighter.


700 × 23C-  200g
700 × 25C-  215g
700 × 28C-  235g

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