CONNEX 10-Speed Chain SG


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CONNEX, a bicycle chain division within Wippermann, which produces industrial chains and sprockets, was established in 1893 in Germany.
The chain that is created is just simple and sturdy.
And it is a good product with ideas firmly incorporated.

"CONNEX LINK", which enables quick attachment and detachment of the chain, allows the chain to be attached and detached without tools, and can be used an unlimited number of times until the life of the chain.
It will be very useful in case of cleaning or chain trouble.

Let's all say Say!
"Germany's scientific power is the best in the world!"

10SG Chain

The brass coating ensures that the chain is protected from corrosion while at the same time providing a vibrant appearance.
In addition, the 10SG has an innovative high-performance plate that provides excellent shifting performance.
The beautiful gold that is characteristic of brass will bring your bike to luxury.

Ideal for mountain bikes and road bikes.


Dimensions: 1/2" x 11/128"
Pin length: 5.90 mm
Roller width: 2.20 mm
Link : 114
Weight : 264 g
Compatible with all 10-speed systems

Made In Germany

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