COGHLAN'S Sierra Cup

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COGHLAN'S was founded in 1959 in Winnipeg, a southern city in Manitoba, Canada.Since the company was founded, it has traveled around the world looking for new and unique products, and now it has sold more than 100 types of products to more than 25 countries and has gained worldwide fame for camping accessories. Maintaining the number one position as a camping accessory manufacturer in the United States and CanadaIt has been used by campers all over the world.


The jumbo Sierra cup is made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel that prevents heat from being transferred to the handle and rim (the part that touches the mouth). It can be used as both a cup and a small cooking pot.

■ Material: Stainless steel
■ Capacity: 413ml
■ Weight: 110g
■ Size: 13φcm

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