COGHLAN'S Fire Starter

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COGHLAN'S was founded in 1959 in Winnipeg, a southern city in Manitoba, Canada. COGHLAN'S outdoor equipment, which has been loved by people in all outdoor scenes for a long time, is a collection of small items that are useful in fun camping. Each product is selected from all over the world and is really well thought out.

Fire starters are a must have in the field and are easy to use. Shave magnesium with a knife or glass piece, place it on a piece of wood or paper, and rub the sparkling edge with a knife to generate sparks and ignite magnesium. It's okay to get wet with water, and if you carry one when outdoors, it will be useful in the event of an accident such as the lighter not catching fire.

■ Size: Overall length 8 cm
■ Weight: 42g
■ Material: Magnesium

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