COCOON Ultralight Microfiber Towel


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COCOON Microfiber Towel Ultralight is a lightweight and compact microfiber towel. If you put it in the attached storage bag, it will be very compact, so it is ideal for travel and camping. It absorbs about four times the weight of a towel at high speed, but when squeezed it becomes almost dry, so it can be used quickly and repeatedly.



・ S size: 60 x 30 cm, stored 8 x 5 (diameter) cm, weight: 40 g
・ M size: 90 x 50 cm, storage 11 x 6 (diameter) cm, weight: 95 g
・ L size: 120 x 60 cm, storage 12 x 7 (diameter) cm, weight: 150 g
・ XL size: 150 x 80 cm, storage 16 x 8 (diameter) cm, weight: 245 g
・ Material: Microfiber
・ Features: Absorbs 4 times the weight of water

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