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CNOC filter system
With this CNOC filter system, you can drink water directly from any water source, even during long touring by bicycle, camping, hiking or in the event of a disaster when there is no safe water source.

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2L Orange Vecto 1 piece ・ 2L Blue Vecto 1 piece
Hydro Blue Versa Flow Filter ・ NITE IZE 25lbs
Wide opening makes water supply and cleaning easy. Hygiene is also safe.
Lightweight and compact at 235g,Although it is a soft material, it has high durability, and the limit point is 100 kg.
FDA approved product TPU made BPA free
Operating temperature range: -6 ° C to 49 ° C
HydroBlu Versa Flow
Versaflow includes Salmonella, Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli, etc.
99.999% cut of bacteria.
In addition, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and protozoan cysts
Removes 99.999% of.
It can be drunk directly from any water source and is an excellent item that is useful not only for hiking, backpacking, bike packing, camping and travel, but also in emergencies.
It takes 5 minutes to filter about 4 liters.
The usage limit of the filter is about 400,000 liters.

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