CHRIS KING NoThreadSet Tapered 34/49


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No thread set Tapered 34/49

type No ThreadSet ™
Upper Cup 34mm EC
Lower Cup 49mm EC
Fork type 1-1 / 8 "> 1.5" Tapered
Head tube diameter 34mm> 49mm


As a headset pioneer, Chris King provides us with headsets of almost all standards (Chris King is still one of the few companies that manufactures BMX standard 1 "headsets" and needs to be replaced due to damage etc. Even in that case, if the Chris King has abundant after-parts, there is no need to worry and the rider can concentrate on running with confidence.

Some gravel bikes and mountain bikes do not require the high rigidity of the 44mm head tube, and it is a headset compatible with tapered head tubes with different diameters at the top and bottom, which we arrived at while seeking moderate flexibility.

Fork column diameterCorresponds to 1-1 / 8> 1.5 ".

Like the standard No Thread Set headset, the bearing cap features Grip Lock (a new standard that improves the steering tube interface) to reduce stress on the rider.

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