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TACOMA FUJI meets Circles

TACOMA FUJI RECORDSIs a T-shirt brand with the concept of a fictitious record label, and is known to those who know it, mainly music lovers, outdoor activity lovers, and liquor lovers. I asked Mr. Nabe, the organizer, to make a T-shirt with the image of Circles.

Finally, TACOMA FUJI meets Circles is born here!

Following the T-shirt released the other day, the baseball cap with the same design is made in Kurashiki using 100% domestic cotton fabric. It is a really ordinary, ordinary and best cap that embodies Mr. Tacoma Fuji Nabe's idea that "as much as possible, an ordinary cap with no habit is good".

Message from NABE 

"If you want to eat breakfast in Nagoya, I like Early Birds. It's next to Circles." I didn't know the situation in Nagoya at all, so maybe it was the first time I recognized the name of Circles and it popped up in Tumbleweed. I think I heard from Mr. Imoto when I developed it. Since the neighborhood of Tumbleweed is not just a thing (THE entertainment district), it's only a few years after the conversation, in 2018, that I'll know Nagoya outside of that neighborhood. I met Kakuozan Larder Niwa-kun, who was selling T-shirts by Ryohei Kazumi, who was indebted to me at Tacoma Fuji in the forest, road, and market. The gear accelerated from the point where I visited Inohara and Mr. Tanaka, the representative of Circles. The following year, there was a night at the legendary Kogane-ya, and when I think about it now, Nishihara-chan's HAPPY HOUR, who was in Nagoya and helped with the pop-up, was born, and Inohara's actual store POT was opened. I opened it and let him do pop-ups, and I was completely close to Mr. and Mrs. Niwa.

On the morning of a hangover, forced activation is a standard course with Ariva's hot sandwich. While Keita is cooking, it's nice to talk about Circles' Yanack, Yuya, Tomo, and the end of the deep drink the night before. It may be a coincidence, but everyone I meet is a good guy, Nagoya.

What's more comfortable is the rhythm of the people of Nagoya. Whenever I meet Kantoku and Naoka, who come to me everywhere and talk to me as if I've been with them for a long time, I realize that I'm in Nagoya. Last year, I received a request from Mr. Tanaka, the representative of Circles, "I want you to make a Circles T-shirt based on Mr. Nabe's interpretation because you can do whatever you want." At first, I thought it was a big bicycle shop with a lot of staff, but when I was in Nagoya, I realized a little. I think Circles is essentially a community. There are various people, there are various jobs, and they live at their own pace while living in the same city. I've always been really bad at belonging somewhere, but Circles isn't. You can see the beauty of the community.

An artwork by James Ulmer that creates a circle with the support of various people. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in Circles from Tacoma Fuji. Nice to meet you.



Made by TACOMA FUJI RECORD in Tokyo, Japan
Material: Cotton 100%
Size: Free (54.5cm-60cm)

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