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Best friend

When I was up the slope of Fukiage
The first time I saw Circles
I start Kakuozan Ladder
I think it was many years ago.

Leaving my previous job
At the cafe where I worked for Radha training
The staff were on board
Longing for cool bicycles
I was immediately introduced to "Circles".

That is the Circles in the current location.
At that time, "EARLY BIRDS BREAKFAST" did not exist yet
The place was the same as the garage.

I still visit "Circles" for the first time
The staff with strong individuality that I remember vividly
Be in each place and feel your own time
I'm doing my job.
It didn't really seem to be Japan.

And yet, everyone is like an old friend
I immediately fell in love with the place because he was in contact with me.

And at Circles, Ariva opened, we opened Radha,
I've also increased the amount of time I spend together in various places.

Circles that look like the school next door
Everyone is on good terms, each one helps each other,
Sometimes Radha also helps.
At that time, I became a member of Circles
I feel like I'm used to
I'm very happy secretly.
But if you say that to everyone in Circles
I don't say it because I think I'll be laughed at.

“Best friend”
Thinking about everyone in my dear best friend Circles
With the motif of European bicycle racing
"CIRCLES" that runs through with a bicycle
I designed it.



Designed by HIROKI NIWA from KAKUOZAN LARDER in Nagoya, Japan
Material / Cotton 80%, Polyester 20%
Printed By Daisy Print Works in Nagoya Japan


  S M L XL
Width 49 52 55 58
Length 66 70 74 78
Sleeve length 41 44 47 51
* Finished dimensions (flat / cm)


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