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YOTSUBACYCLE The parts originally prepared by Circles to make the kids bike pedalless and to make it a kick bike specification, the name is alsoKick Changer

This part was born from the reversal idea of removing the pedal from the bicycle with pedals instead of attaching the pedal to the bicycle without pedals.

Remove the Yotsuba Cycle crank pedal, cover the shaft of the bottom bracket with this kick changer, and secure it with the bolts that stopped the crank.

This makes it easy to turn the Yotsuba cycle into a kick bike.

By making it a kick bike

  1. It's easier to walk than a simple kick bike that just removes the pedals.
  2. By removing the crank and pedals, the car body becomes lighter, making it easier for children and parents to handle the car body.
  3. Can be used as a kick bike for brake practice

There are merits such as.

Of course, when your child gets used to it, you can attach the crank pedal again, so you can use one bike for as long as possible as your child grows up.

* If purchased at the store, the wages for removing each part during installation and returning to the pedal style are also included. Please note that if you purchase from the web shop, you will only receive the product.

1 set: 1 car


★ Yotsuba CycleKick changerIntroductory article

[Yotsuba Cycle]Kick changer / It was born from the idea of reversal.

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