CHALLENGE Elite Open Tubular Road Tire

SIZE: 700x23c
COLOR: Black x Black
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Challenge is a brand that follows the tradition of the legendary handmade tire manufacturer "Clement".

This Challenge Elite is a tire that offers excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions due to the herringbone tread design and soft casing. Open tubular (clincher) tires suitable for racing and training. Two options are available, 23c and 25c.


Challenge, which can produce only a few handmade tubular tires in the world, also handles OEM production of high-end racing tubular tires from many well-known manufacturers. It is a proof that the world recognizes the performance and quality of Challenge, which has inherited all of Clement's production equipment, technology and craftsmanship. 

チューブラータイヤとハンドメイド・クリンチャー(オープンチューブラー)の構造Tubular tire and handmade clincher (open tubular) structureOne of the characteristic products of Challenge Co., Ltd. is "Handmade Clincher (Open Tubular)". It is produced in the same process as handmade tubular tires, and the only difference is whether it is sewn in a tubular shape or has beads embedded in both ears, and the ride quality of a handmade clincher combined with a latex tube Performance is as high as handmade tubular tires.

Open tubular tires provide riders with incomparable quality and performance compared to common vulcanized clincher tires. 

Open tubular tires and clincher tires are completely different tires. The difference in performance between the two tires is clear even with a simple comparison. Handmade clincher (open tubular) tires are manufactured through the same process as tubular tires. The natural rubber and latex used for the tread and casing are supple and flexible. The open tubular has a flat shape when not attached to the rim. And if you hook the beads on both sides of the clincher rim, it will become circular and the cross section will be round.

Open tubulars are extremely flexible and easily deform depending on road conditions. It can absorb the impact and reduce the rolling resistance. The low rolling resistance allows the rider to run faster with less power. The supple and soft natural rubber tread contact patch can be safely cornered like Formula One tires, whether wet or dry, and can accurately convey the road surface conditions to the rider.



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