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A brand that manufactures bicycle bags, which was founded in 1932 in Nelson, England. CARRADICE / Chara Dice

We make bicycle bags made of durable and waterproof materials, and are loved by cyclists not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world.

Everything from cutting to sewing is done by hand, and each finished bag has the producer's signature written on it.

Bagman is a bag supporter made by such a character dice.
Since it can be clamped to the saddle rail, it is easy to install and looks neat.
By adopting a sliding bag group, putting on and taking off the bag is much quicker and smoother.You can save the trouble of threading the strap and removing the buckle.

The frame is made of steel and is highly durable, with a load capacity of 10 kg, contrary to its delicate appearance. Excellent compatibility with slightly larger saddle bags such as SWIFT INDUSTRIES zeitgeist.

* Please combine Expedition with SWIFT INDUSTRIES / Zeitgeist Saddle Bag.


size  Sports (width about 18 cm, depth about 18 cm, depth about 15 cm)
Expedition (width about 19 cm, depth about 20 cm, depth about 17 cm)
weight Sports: 402g
Expedition: 415g
Withstand load 10kg
Required clearance Sports: Approximately 18 cm
Expedition: Approximately 21 cm
* Clearance from the saddle rail to directly above the rear wheels

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