BLUE LUG Sandwich Reflector

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This is BLUE LUG's original bicycle reflector.

It can be attached to any place on the bicycle with Velcro, and can also be attached to a bag pull or a key chain. It also looks good as a keychain. Try it out and see for yourself.

The assorted colors are a whimsical combination of all three colors, and the colors of the strings are also random. It is up to you to decide what color you will receive.

The color of the string is random. Please note that you cannot specify the color.
The color cannot be specified.
The assorted colors are made by reusing leftover reflector material. The color may be transferred to the surface. Please understand this beforehand.

SPEC】】 Length: approx. 13 cm

Length: approx. 13 cm (folded)
Color: orange, yellow, silver, assorted

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