BLUE LUG Downtube Shift Boss Cover

Color: Brass
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It is a cover to cover when the W lever pedestal of the down tube is not used.

Mr. Blue Lug made a shape that matches well with the cable adjuster (outer stopper) of Shimano and diamond competition.

Nowadays, the number of car bodies assembled with a front single is increasing, and by attaching it to the other W lever pedestal without attaching a W lever or cable adjuster, the pedestal is not exposed or a useless adjuster is not attached. It can be assembled neatly.

Of course, when assembling at single speed, you can attach it to both the left and right sides ◎

It is a very practical item because it can prevent rust as well as appearance.

Since this DOWNTUBE SHIFT BOSS COVER has a glossy plating finish, the surface texture is different from Shimano's outer stopper (SM-CS50), but by lightly polishing it with a metal compound etc., it will not feel strange. You can use it.



* Since we are considering operation with a front single, we sell one on each side.
* Mounting bolts of the same color as the main body are included.

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